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Field Trips

Tigertail Lake Recreational Center is a great place for your next school field trip! We can accommodate any grade level with groups of up to 100 at a time. We work closely with educators to create a customized program with specific goals and outcomes to meet the needs of each group of students who attend. We can also include content from the classroom to enhance their experience!

Choose your activities

Tigertail Lake Recreational Center makes it easy to plan out your field trip. Just choose which of the three modules you’d like to include (or choose them all!) and how long you’d like the program to be. Our facilitators will put together a program that will be fun and educational.

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Ropes Course

Climb 40 foot towers and reach new heights! Participants will climb and traverse sections of our unique lily pad style ropes course, conquering fear and feeling the support of their classmates at all times. Safety gear, including a harness and helmet, is provided and belaying is managed by experienced, certified professional facilitators to ensure the highest level of safety.

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Team Building

Learning to work together and communicate well are skills that benefit everyone regardless of age, background, or experience. Our team-building programming is second to none in South Florida and is taught by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. Participants will explore the fundamental concepts of teamwork in a fun, lighthearted but challenging environment through a variety of “games” and initiatives designed to keep them learning.

Water Activities img
Water Activities

Tigertail Lake’s waterfront isn’t just for peaceful boating and StandUp Paddleboarding (SUP), though we do love those things too! The beach is also perfect for nautical team-building activities including blindfolded canoe racing or the ever-popular Canoe Battleship!

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Craft your experience

Tigertail facilitators are seasoned professionals who use experiential learning techniques to provide an unforgettable experiencewhile making sure it’s fun! Just choose your outingtheme, or skill-set focus, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Educational Field Trips img
Educational Field Trips

Our large classrooms and five-acre lake provide the perfect setting for educational experiences of every kind and anygroup size. Our facility can host external curricula (such as STEM field trips) while providing a safe learning environment for activities such as sailing, canoeing, and rope climbing to name just a few. The Boy Scouts of America, The Girl Scouts and many other outdoor-oriented organizations regularly utilize our facility and highly-skilled staff to deliver memorable member learning experiences while having a great time!

Another exciting opportunity to explore the world around us, while participating in healthy and invigorating activities, are educational Adventure Trips! Science, technology, and nature combine to give students the opportunity to see and experience whole new worlds. Canoe and kayak trips through Everglades National Park or SCUBA diving through historical sites are just a few examples of the amazing educational adventures that await.

Recreational Field Trips img
Recreational Field Trips

Let’s take recreation to a whole new level as students experience Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), kayaking, canoeing, and even sailing! Our recreational field trips are designed to enhance students’ regular curriculum with an outdoor outing which encourages face-to-face engagement rather than texting their lives away on social media. Fitness and fun - all in the sun!

Have fun!

Broward County Schools receive an additional $10 per person discount off Tigertail Lake Non-Profit Rates, making the cost just $39 per person for a half day program; or $49 per person for a full day program.

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Custom Workshops

Our experienced staff are experts in delivering custom-tailored workshops to meet specific training goals and desired outcomes. Whether it is a leadership workshop, a presentation on the natural denizens of our lake, or even your own specialized curriculum; we’ve got the perfect facility for a fantastic and memorable learning experience!

Contact us at 954-201-4500 to find out more.