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Ready to take an adventure? Love the outdoors, camping, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and even diving? Join the Tigertail Lake Recreational Center crew as we go on weekend adventure trips to great local destinations and take our skills to the real world.

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Dive Trips

Arguably the most popular of our adventure trips, you’ll get to stay at a beautiful resort and dive some of the world’s most incredible reefs. See the colorful reef fish, sharks, and maybe even the elusive Rainbow Snipefish as you dive with our experienced divemasters and the one and only Jon Groover.

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Sailing Trips

Sail Lake Placid (near Lake Okeechobee) as you take lightning-fast catamarans and experience the joy of the open ocean in a protected, safe environment.

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Bike Touring

Take a one-day tour to Shark Valley with our Tigertail Lake crew. Bring your own bike, but if you don’t have a suitable bike don’t worry – we can help. Contact us for more details.

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Camping Trips

Enjoy camping like never before. Listen to live music as you spend the night under the stars while roasting your favorite foods by the bonfire. The entertainment never stops, but this is also one of the most peaceful, meditative experiences you can imagine.

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Canoeing Trips

Canoe on the Peace River

Kayaking Trips img
Kayaking Trips

Take some time to kayak the Loxahatchee River or the Peace River

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Who can attend?

Adventure trips are open to the public. Special rates are available to Broward College students, faculty and staff. Trip itinerary and travel may vary. Please check the schedule for details.

If you love the outdoors, camping, sailing, canoeing, kayaking or diving, join the Tigertail Lake Recreational Center crew for one of our weekend adventure trips. We will take you to great local destinations that will allow you to test your skills and training in the real world. Trips are all-inclusive (room and board, equipment) and are staffed by our professional staff to ensure your safety. Some events feature special culinary fare such as hibachi night, taco night, and on very special trips, there is homemade guacamole made by our guest chef, the ineffable “Walter White of Guacamole.”