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Tigertail Lake Recreational Center is literally the greatest place on Earth to work. Don't take our word for it though: Come out to the lake, take a look around the facility, and ask any of our staff how they feel about working at Tigertail (just make sure you come after we've fed them.) Every one of them will look furtively around while telling you how amazing we are and how it's the best place to work (ignore the shock collar.) But seriously, Tigertail Lake Recreational Center is a fantastic, friendly, family-oriented facility and we treat all of our staff like family... but close family, not just distant cousins we never talk to. We celebrate diversity and foster inclusion, and everybody is always welcome at the lake.

Working at Tigertail isn't easy though; there are some physical requirements that are necessary to work in the demanding environment of this facility. Most of the work is out in the Florida sun, and it's important that candidates understand the taxing nature of working outdoors, sometimes under stress, dealing with customers, patrons, and sometimes even life-and-death emergencies. It's not easy work, but it's certainly fun and our training and development is designed to set you up for success.

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Job Openings

What kind of work is available at Tigertail Lake?

Joining the Tigertail Team isn't easy. We're an elite team of safety professionals and facilitators. Some of the kinds of tasks you can expect from working at Tigertail Lake Recreational Center includes:

  • Lifeguarding our waterfront facility and Aqua Challenge waterpark
  • Safety Briefs and other Patron Safety Instruction
  • Windsurfing Instruction and Facilitation
  • Sailing Instruction and Skippering
  • Challenge Course Operation and Maintenance
  • High-angle Rescue and Retrieval
  • Facility maintenance

If you've never done any of these things, don't worry! We train our staff to reach their peak performance in any and all skillsets that interest them. All skills training beyond waterfront safety skills (i.e. Lifeguarding) is optional. Of course, the more skills you have, the more opportunities you'll get to make more money!

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Compensation & Benefits

How much can I make at Tigertail Lake?

The base pay of a lifeguard at Tigertail Lake starts at the princely sum of $11USD per hour. That may seem like mere peanuts and hardly worth it (depending on how much you love peanuts) but most of the lifeguards and facilitators working at Tigertail Lake Recreational Center average between $18-25 per hour, depending on two things: vibe n' hustle. Wait, how'd we go from $11 to $18-25? Easy. You build your skill profile and get assigned to tasks and events that 'boost' your base pay to $27.67 per hour.

Whoa, whoa, whoa... how's this even work? Your skill profile is how much training you've received and how many skills you've accumulated at Tigertail. For example, your basic skill profile as you begin your sentence at Tigertail may not include much beyond the ability to swim 300 yards continuously. Once you join us, however, you'll be trained as an American Red Cross lifeguard and trained to guard our Tigertail Aqua Challenge waterpark. This will allow you to be scheduled for lifeguard shifts at $11/hour for 'basic' lifeguarding tasks and $27.67/hr for any hours spent guarding Aqua Challenge sessions. So, depending on how many sessions you work and how many you take 'off-session', you'll average that $18-25 per hour for that day.

But wait, there's more! The more time you spend at Tigertail and take advantage of our intensive training programs, you'll grow and expand your skill profile to include: rock climbing, belaying, windsurfing, sailing, high-angle rescue, aerial course guiding, soft skills, team-building, corporate training, special construction and maintenance projects, and much, much more. There are many opportunities at Tigertail to expand your skills, make more money, and become a better overall human! Each of these skills will open you up to additional opportunities and additional income.

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This sounds amazing!

So how do you apply?

It's so easy to apply! Just click on the link below to send us your resume. You must be at least 18 years old to apply.

No experience is necessary, though we do prefer lifeguards (current or previous experience) and tell us about any experiences you might've had (through work or simply personal experience) that is relevant to the kind of work we do here. This could include work with camps, schools, corporate training, facilitation, ropes course work, sailing, SCUBA, and more - so don't skimp on the experiences!

The interview process is two-phase. During phase one you'll have a virtual interview with our hiring committee, during which you'll be asked a series of questions that have been carefully crafted to give us an idea of who you are and how you are. After careful consideration, you may be invited to the second phase, during which you will be asked to complete the physical aptitude test (see below for specifics) for the facility, complete an in-person interview where you'll answer a few more follow-up questions, and of course receive a grandiose tour of the facility where we show you all the different highlights of the best-kept secret in Broward County.

Physical requirements (you will be tested during the interview process): You must be able to swim 300 yards continuously (using the front crawl or breast-stroke and without stopping), tread water for 2 minutes without using your hands, and retrieve a 10lb brick from a depth of ten feet and swim with it. You should also be able to lift (and carry) at least 50lbs.

Ready to join our team and become a full-fledged Tigertailien? Click on the link below and get started today!