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The Tigertail Recreational Center Ropes Course is the crown jewel of South Florida's challenge course program offering. A shining example of the exciting nature of well-designed ropes courses, Tigertail’s Aerial Challenge O-course features three 46 foot interconnected towers and two different levels, with 10 different "high ropes" challenges, a 40+ foot QuickFlite freefall, 2 climbing walls with 4 different routes, and literally hundreds of ground-level team-building activities. Tigertail's Aerial Challenge O-course is the most exciting aerial experience in South Florida!

Next level aerial adventure

The Tigertail Aerial Challenge O-course is our brand-new updated ropes course challenge. 46 foot towers, two levels, and no end of fun and challenge as you go through our self-belayed challenge course. This is the next level in aerial adventure and fun!

Coming very, very soon: night climbing! Due to the success of our Haunty Towers Halloween event we will now be offering evening climbs on the Aerial Challenge! We're going to extend the number of sessions offered into the evening, ending with a couple of sessions well into the night. Come out and see Broward County in a whole different way, and check out the Hard Rock Guitar from our tower.

Our challenge course is available in public sessions every hour, party packages that combine the course with some of our other features, team-building programming, private events, and more! If you have a special request or would like to host an event that involves our Tigertail Aerial Challenge O-course, contact us! Also, don't forget about our season special events!

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Aerial Adventures for everybody!

The Tigertail Aerial Challenge O-course (referred to lovingly by staff as the "TACO") is a cutting-edge high tech challenge course that features the ISC SmartSnap safety system. Full body harnesses, the SmartSnap system, and highly trained and experienced facilitators make for the safest challenge course experience in the nation.

Sessions are available every hour, and are booked on the half-hour mark. A session may take up to an hour up on the course, though many can complete the course in less time, and includes one 'run' through the course (though we of course encourage all participants to take their time and enjoy the experience!) that ends in a jump out of the highest tower on our exciting QuickFlite descent system. Your safety - physical and emotional - is our priority: All participants are fully trained during a half-hour "Ground School" to navigate the course and use the provided safety equipment, which includes a full-body harness, helmet, and the latest technology in challenge course safety: the ISC SmartSnap system. Total running time of your experience will be up to 1.5 hours (half hour Ground School plus up to one hour on the course to complete your attempt).

Closed toe shoes are required on our challenge course, no exceptions! We operate rain or shine, and only lightning will stop the fun.