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Growing your business takes more than just a good product - it takes greatpeople and a great plan. But how do you make sure your great people have the teamwork know-how and are revved up to execute the plan successfully? Tigertail Lake Recreational Center has the professional staff and resources necessary to engage your team, build their confidence, and energize them to take on the next big challenge!

Grow Together
How it works

Ropes course activities offer participantsextraordinary learning opportunities about risk-taking, performing under pressure, collaboration and support dynamics between team members. Once mastered, these personal and professional life skills are often what propel individuals and teams to the next level of success.At Tigertail Lake,we can develop an interactive, experiential team-building program customized to meet your specific needs. Your next adventure is only a click away!

Choose a program type:

First, choose the program timeframe that best fits your schedule and provides the right amount of time to achieve your goals. Desired program outcomes can be as simple as team bonding experiences, as complex as team dynamic analysis, or anything in between!

Half Day

The half day program is up to 3.5 hours, and is perfect for ultra-focused outcomes and programming. The compact nature of the half-day program means we need to stay focused on just a handful of activities in order to achieve the desired outcomes. An example of a good candidate for a half-day program would be a team-building session that combines several hours of our world-renowned team-building with a session on the Tigertail Aerial Challenge O-Course, our new ropes course. Keep in mind that a 3.5 hour time block goes fast, and trying to cram too many activities into a half-day program can lead to feeling rushed or simply not reaching any of the desired outcomes.

Full Day

The full day program

Customize your program!

Choose from any of our modules: team building (low ropes), climbing (high ropes) or water and waterfront-based activities. Problem-solving activities are designed to challenge a group to work together to accomplish a goal. Facilitators choose activities based on the team's physical abilities and group dynamics. Facilitators will give an appropriate challenge level specific to each team. With each activity, we reflect on our success and discuss what worked or didn’t work and how it can apply to future team challenges.

Team Building
Team Building
Aerial Challenge
Aerial Challenge
Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing
Aqua Challenge
Aqua Challenge
team work
Team building

Working together is the key to success. This holds true regardless of scale - from interpersonal relationships all the way up to multi-national corporations. Our professional facilitators will create a specific program that is focused on your team, your goals, and your desired outcomes. Each facilitator has the experience to put together a sequence of activities that will ensure a unique learning opportunity while dynamically adjusting the programbased on the performance of the group to ensure desired outcomes are achieved. Whether you want to challenge your team, evolve your corporate culture, or simply see what happens when your team is pushed out of their comfort zone, our goal is your success.

Watch the video below to see an up close look at our ropes course
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Retreats & Private Events

Growing your company is hard work, and sometimes it’s great to just get everybody together and make sure you’re all on the same page. Maybe you want to celebrate a product launch, meeting a sales goal, or simply growing to the next stage. Perhaps you want to get everybody on the same page, or improve company morale. Our idyllic facility will enhance your next retreat or private event and create a memorable milestone in your company’s success!

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Conference Room Rentals

We have several rooms available for rental that can accommodate a range of meetings. You need it for a small group, or a bigger one? We're here to work with you. We understand that each company has its own needs. That's why we offer a variety of conference rooms, with different features that will best work with you, your company and your employees. Small or large? Formal or informal? We'll find your best fit, and remember, Audio/Visual and WiFi is included.

Conference Room img
Conference Room

Our Conference Room will seat up to 16 and has full audio/video capabilities via an HD projector and surround sound. It is also fully capable of video meetings and WiFi is included.

Large Classroom img
Large Classroom

The Large Classroom seats up to 53 in a fully configurable room. The large classroom a lso includes an HD projector and audio/video capabilities. WiFi is also included.

The Pavillion img
The Pavillion

The Pavilion is configurable outdoor covered area that will comfortably seat approximately 25 guests. The Pavilion doesn’t have audio/video capabilities, but we do have a sound system for music, entertainment, or public speaking and WiFi is included.