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The ultimate camp experience is now available at Tigertail Lake Recreational Center! Spring Break, Summer Break, and Winter Break camps now available. Sign up today!

Welcome to camp!

Camp TTL is Tigertail Lake's very own day camp. Back by popular demand, Camp TTL is better than ever with all of our exciting new features, including the Tigertail Aqua Challenge and Tigertail Aerial Challenge O-course.

Camp TTL will be offered during the three "Seasons": Spring Break, Summer, and Winter Break. Each season lasts a certain number of weeks: Spring Break is 1 week, Summer is 9 weeks, and Winter Break is 2 weeks. Each season will have different activities that are appropriate for the time of year and each week will feature some interesting mystery variation - like funny hats week. You can sign up for one week, a few weeks, or all the weeks! There's always something new happening at Camp TTL!

Camp TTL Activities img
Camp TTL Activities

What kinds of fun things will we be doing?

All the things! CAMP TTL campers get the opportunity to try everything that Tigertail Lake Recreational Center has to offer, and more! Every day is packed with fun activities and games as you explore our 5-acre lake, beach waterfront, and ropes course area. There are some minimum requirements (height, etc) for some of our activities so please make sure your child meets all requirements if something is of particular interest.

We've combined all of our fun activities and created a daily schedule that - combined with our incredibly talented professional staff - are specifically designed to provide a unique camp experience. It's a day camp, so there's no sleeping over, but every day is packed to bursting with things to do, including traditional staples of camp life like arts and crafts, color wars, scavenger hunts, solar s'mores, foam parties, and so much more!

  • So many cool activities!
  •  Tigertail Aqua Challenge icon
    Tigertail Aqua Challenge
  •  Stand Up Paddleboarding icon
    Stand Up Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Canoe Battleship
  • Windsurfing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Tigertail Aerial Challenge O-Course
  • Sailing
  • Beach Olympics
This camp is AWESOME! img
This camp is AWESOME!

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