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The Tigertail Recreational Center Ropes Course is the crown jewel of South Florida's challenge course program offering. A shining example of the exciting nature of well-designed ropes courses, Tigertail’s Challenge Course features four interconnected towers, the TTLRC Ropes Course with 8 "high ropes" initiatives, and literally hundreds of ground-level team-building activities to choose from.

How it works

Ropes course activities offer participantsextraordinary learning opportunities about risk-taking, performing under pressure, collaboration and support dynamics between team members. Once mastered, these personal and professional life skills are often what propel individuals and teams to the next level of success.At Tigertail Lake,we can develop an interactive, experiential team-building program customized to meet your specific needs. Your next adventure is only a click away!

Choose a program type:

First, choose the program duration that best fits your schedule and provides the right amount of time to achieve your goals - full-day (3.5-7 hours) or half-day (up to 3.5 hours) programsare available.Desired program outcomes can be as simple as team bonding experiences,as complex asteam dynamic analysis,or anything in between!

  • Full-Day Program
    Full-Day Program

    (3.5-7 hours)

  • Half-Day Program
    Half-Day Program

    (up to 3.5 hours)

Introduction & Safety Brief
Introduction & Safety Brief

Safety is our first concern at TigerTail Lake. At the start of all activities, we take the opportunity to brief participants on our policies, procedures, and requirements. Our ropes course, including every piece of equipment used, is inspected regularly for compliance with the latest Association for Challenge Course Technologies (ACCT) safety standards.

We also discuss our philosophy of “choice”, encouraging all participants to engage fully but reminding them that they always have a choice.


This is the first step in almost any program and begins the process of creating interpersonal bonds. Icebreakers are intended to get participants in the right mindset by encouraging them to step outside their comfort zone and into the learning zone.

Customize your program

Choose from three modules: team building (low ropes), climbing (high ropes) or water and waterfront-based activities. Problem-solving activities are designed to challenge a group to work together to accomplish a goal. Facilitators choose activities based on the team's physical abilities and group dynamics. Facilitators will give an appropriate challenge level specific to each team. With each activity, we reflect on our success and discuss what worked or didn’t work and how it can apply to future team challenges.

Team Building
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Team Building
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Teambuilding Activities & Elements

Teams will discover the most about each other during this part of the activity. Skills will be tested, values asserted, group dynamics exposed, and leadership traits will be highlighted. This meaningful experience occurs in a safe learning environment for every team member, regardless of company tenure or experience.Management may either remain in the background in order to watch theorganic expression of team dynamics, or they may actively participate and experience the firsthand benefits of the exercise while building trust and camaraderie with team members.This unique and powerful bonding experience will absolutely change the dynamic of any team, while highlighting continuing opportunities for mentoring, fostering relationships, or simply making a great team even better!

Typically, large groups are divided into smaller teams comprised of 10 to 12 people. This helps to maintain the preferred participant-to-facilitator ratio at 10:1. Smaller groups also ensure that the dynamics of interaction are maintained and desired outcomes are achieved. Larger groups can be arranged if required. Conversely, we recommend that groups have a minimum of six people as smaller groups limit team dynamics. It is highly recommended that you meet with facilitators ahead of time to ensure your team receives the greatest benefit and to ensure a successful program.

Activities could include such ropes course elements as:
Whale Watch img
Whale Watch

Keep your group - and your platform – balanced! Participants must learn to trust each other, communicate effectively, and use resources wisely in order to maintain the precarious balance of this element.

Acid River img
Acid River

Things are not always what they seem when crossing the river on these mysterious stumps. Participants use planks to successfully create a safe path from one shoreline to the other.

Islands img

Groups must work together on this island hopping adventure. Participants must use all their resources correctly to reach each island and successfully meet their goal.

Keep in mind that these are only a handful of the many diverse elements and initiatives that our facilitators use as tools. Some activities must take place outdoors, while others may take place indoors. However, all activities will challenge your teams while they enjoy themselves and step out of the day-to-day routine that builds complacency.

Keep in mind that these are only a handful of the many diverse elements and initiatives that our facilitators use as tools. Some activities must take place outdoors, while others may take place indoors.

Water-based Teambuilding  Activities img
Water-based Teambuilding Activities

In addition to the land-based activities, we offer a unique waterfront experience for both educational and recreational programming. Groups can participate in waterfront team-building initiatives on the beach or out on the water. Waterfront team-building can be a great way to add a fresh dimension (and some fresh water) to your team’s development!

In addition to these sequenced team-building initiatives, Tigertail Lake facilitators like to use the waterfront for special ‘culmination’ activities that provide a complete team-based experience. Some examples of culmination activities include our ever-popular, (in)famous Build-a-boat activity and canoe battleship!

Build-a-boat img

Your team will be challenge to work together to design a boat made of cardboard and other materials. Participants must manage very limited resources to design and build a successful watercraft. The first phase involves simply determining if it will float (while carrying a skipper). If it floats, the watercraft moves to the second phase: the race!

Canoe Battleship img
Canoe Battleship

Teams try and sink opponents’ canoes by filling them with water! A convergence exercise during which all the teams come together to compete in the ultimate battle of wills and resources. Participants must work together to position themselves, defend against attacks, and (of course) launch an attack to sink their opponents.

High Ropes/High Elements img
High Ropes/High Elements

The precise number of climbs available (and climbs per participant) depends on the number of participants and how much time is dedicated to that activity. As always, pre-program meetings with the facilitation staff will help determine the best possible arrangement to reach the desired outcomes. Typically climbs are run in the ‘dynamic’ operating system with a facilitator as the dedicated belayer. Other options are also available.

Open Challenge
"Is the ropes course open to the public?"

A chance to test your skills on the ropes course, including the climbing wall, cargo net, and our famous Tiger Tubes! Activities are monitored by certified facilitators to ensure safety.