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Tigertail Lake Recreational Center regularly schedules classes and training sessions, but we also have special events, adventure trips, and more! Check here (or on our many social media channels) for information about what's new, what's coming soon, and what's happening at Tigertail Lake. If you have any questions or you're ready to schedule a special event of your own contact us!

Party Packages, Events, and More

Tigertail Lake Recreational Center is the perfect place for your birthday party, private party, corporate retreat, private event, and more! We have packages for everybody, and can even custom-tailor a package to create the perfect event.

Private parties and events can be organized to take advantage of our rooms or our beautiful waterfront. You can even rent out the whole facility! Baby showers, wedding events, corporate retreats, conferences, workshops… you’re only limited by your imagination. Reach out to us at 954-201-4500 and we’ll happily discuss what you’ve got in mind.

Party packages are three hours long and are booked in one of two time slots: either 9:30am-12:30pm or 1:30pm-4:30pm. Each party package features two one-hour sessions of activities, starting on the hour (so, for example, at 10:00am for the 9:30am time slot.) The half hour at the beginning and end of the party time slot are intended to give participants an opportunity to arrive, eat, socialize, etc. and are not considered part of the ‘activity sessions’.

You choose what activities you’d like during your activity sessions. An hour rock climbing and an hour on the Tigertail Aqua Challenge. Stand-up paddleboarding for an hour and a session on the Tigertail Aqua Challenge. Two back-to-back sessions on the Tigertail Aqua Challenge. You get to choose the combination that works for you. Please note that some options do have limitations, so if you have questions or run into any trouble during the booking process let us know and one of our staff will help you figure out the best options. Also, the activities available during your two activity hours are set during the booking process and may not be changed because we staff your party with skilled professionals ahead of time. For example, if you book a watersports party you may not change it to a climbing party when you arrive, or halfway through the party. Please plan accordingly.

The base package includes use of a covered shade tent area, picnic tables, and shared use of the kitchen. There are plenty of opportunities to upgrade your party with additional amenities, such as air conditioned rooms, pop-up tents, and more – if you have a particular need, give us a call and we can work on helping you add it to your party package. All parties are staffed with ACCT-certified Ropes Course Practitioners and American Red Cross-certified lifeguards to ensure safe operation and the safety of patrons. Minimum age for parties depends on the activities, so please make sure you let us know how old the participants will be ahead of time so we can make the right recommendations and ensure a great party!

Party Packages are not private events! The activity sessions are shared with the general public, and the facility is still open to the public, though pavilions and shade areas reserved for the party are private and for the exclusive use of the party. To make sessions private, there is an additional charge and it is possible to rent the entire facility (i.e. closed to the public.) For additional information on these privacy options, please reach out to us.

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Watersports Party

The Watersports Party package is for the watersports enthusiasts! Two full hour-long sessions of watersports, including Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP), kayaking, and canoeing and you can change your mind as much as you like, so try it all! Enjoy 5 acres of beautiful lake to traverse and relax in the Florida sunshine. Upgrade one of your sessions to the Tigertail Aqua Challenge for extra fun!

Climbing Party img
Climbing Party

The Climbing Party gives you a chance to test your skills on the ropes course, including the climbing wall, cargo net, and our famous Tiger Tubes! The climbing party features two one-hour sessions on the ropes course, climbing and traversing. Each party is staffed with ACCT-certified facilitators to ensure adherence to nationally-recognized safety and practice standards. Upgrade one of your sessions to the Tigertail Aqua Challenge for extra fun!

Aqua Challenge Party img
Aqua Challenge Party

The Tigertail Aqua Challenge combines our love for challenge courses with our love for watersports into the ultimate fun experience! The Aqua Challenge party is two full hours of non-stop action and excitement on our inflatable waterpark, the Tigertail Aqua Challenge. Featuring bouncing, flinging, climbing, jumping, and sliding, the Aqua Challenge has quickly become one of the most popular features at Tigertail Lake.